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GIS Enabled Entitlement Tracking System

The Union and State Governments of India have introduced various social welfare programmes to provide relief to the poor, in particular. Unfortunately, these initiatives do not always penetrate to the rural communities they are meant for, resulting in biased or inefficient utilisation of government funds. A major reason for this crucial gap is the widespread lack of awareness on entitlements,due to which most benefits are not availed by rural communities in India.

Geographic Information System (GIS) - Enabled Entitlement Tracking System (GEET) is an initiative from the Ministry of Rural Department (MoRD), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) to improve reach, response, and review of the implementation of social security schemes.The GEET project aims to provide a single platform that helps rural communities access various government schemes and programmes that they are eligible for, thereby enabling communities claim their entitlements. This system will also assist state, district and government officials in monitoring reach and tracking progress of access to entitlements and services.

GEET aims to improve reach, response and review of the implementation of government social security schemes.

  • Create awareness about schemes and eligibility.
  • No one is left behind. Each household receives a unique ID.
  • Assist authorities take appropriate intervention measures.
  • Ensure responsive governance by providing space for proactive governance.
  • Track if benefits are being availed by individuals and households.
  • Provide analytics that will shed light on the success of schemes and government services.

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